Free Hard Drive Recovery Software – Best Software For Windows And Mac

28/04/2022 By Cheryl

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software – Best Software For Windows And Mac

Hard drive crash? All of your important files gone in the nth minute of panicking. Don’t worry, your drive has just gone bad and been declared useless. No, your drive hasn’t been repurposed as a time-sink, nor has someone maliciously formatted it.

Your drive has simply failed, and there’s nothing you can do but replace it. Or is there? With hard drive recovery software, you can often recover data from failed drives, and get your files back. So, what are you waiting for? Get reading to learn about the best hard drive recovery software to get your files back.

Recover Deleted Data From Hard Drive

If you’ve accidentally deleted an important file from your computer, hard drive recovery services can help. If you’ve created a backup of the file, it should be easy to retrieve. But if you didn’t make a backup and the file is gone for good, hard drive recovery software can help on your quest to get it back.

Hard drive recovery software is also helpful if you’ve had a virus infiltrate your system and deleted files or formatted your hard drive. There are two types of hard drive recovery: data recovery and file retrieval.

Data recovery recovers deleted data that was previously backed up or even just not yet backed up by the user. File retrieval restores individual files or even folders that were deleted but are still accessible on the drive-in question.

Recover Files From USB Hard Drive

Do you have a USB hard drive? You might be wondering if your hard drive recovery software will work with this type of storage device. Well, the answer is yes.

However, some hard drives are more difficult to recover data from than others. If you want to make sure that you get all of your files back when you use your USB hard drive recovery software, it’s best that you take note of how many partitions and formats the drive has.

Take note of these things before getting started so that you don’t waste too much time trying to recover data from a drive that isn’t worth your time.

Windows-Based Software

The most widely available and widely used hard drive recovery software for Windows computers is Recuva. This software is easy to use, and it’s free. The best thing about this program is that it has a multifaceted recovery suite that can recover data from drives of different types, including internal and external hard drives,

USB-based drives, memory cards, etc. What’s more, the software can create a backup of your files before you begin the recovery process. The only downside to Recuva is that it doesn’t allow users to recover deleted files.

Mac-Based Software

Hard drive recovery software for the Mac platform is often a good option. When it comes to Windows, Softorino Hard Drive Recovery is one of the most popular options available. The software allows you to recover all of your files, even if they have been deleted or formatted. Of course, in some cases, this software might not be able to retrieve everything, but for the most part, what you’re looking for can usually be found and retrieved with this hard drive recovery software.


Recovering data from your hard drive is one of the most common data recovery tasks that people do. It is also one of the most difficult ones. Hard drives get lost, broken, or corrupted sometimes. There is no single software that can help you recover all your lost data. You will need to use different types of software for different types of data. Make sure you know what software you need for your specific situation before you buy it.



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